SIX in a row!!!

Chargers 43, Chiefs 14

Another great outing by the unbeatable in Nov-Dec San Diego Chargers….Rivers is a master, LT is back to his old form with 2 TDs and up to #10 on the all time rushing list having passed Marshall Faulk and Edgerrin James today (and could pass Jim Brown next week in CLEVELAND – how prophetic, eh?!)  Antonio Gates had a pair of TDs as well. 

And the defense…WOW!!  A DTD, 3 forced fumbles, 1 INT, a safety, and a sack….KUDOS to you guys!!

Congrats David Binn on 250 consecutive games with the Bolts and to Nate Kaeding for his 55-yd FG (it would have been good for 60 yards.)

Of alarm, however, Eric Weddle left the game early with a knee injury as did Shawne Merriman with a foot injury.  Hopefully neither injuries are serious and they will return next week; however, Paul Oliver, Steve Gregory, and the rest of their “replacements” played extremely well.  Regardless of who is playing, the Chargers are on a roll and look great.

Outstanding…I love those blow outs.  The Chargers are 5-1 in the division so even if by some FLUKE they tie with the Donkeys atop the division, the Chargers will have the tiebreaker.  Let’s hope that the Chiefs can rally back next week vs. Denver!

Needless to say, I’m a happy camper and actually emerged from this match-up with all of my fingernails intact.

Yet another reason to despite the Donkeys…as if we don’t have enough already

Here’s a nice little blub from SignOn San Diego about the character of the Denver Donkeys’ head coach and gives much insight into, for one, the little “scuffle” between Brandon Marshall and Knoshawn Moreno on the sidelines during yesterday’s game where, as Rich Eisen so eloquently put it, “…the Chargers mopped the floor with the Broncos.”

*     *     * 

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Chargers were all talking after today’s 32-3 victory about Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels telling the Chargers linebackers, “We own you” as he passed them on the field during pregame warmups.

“I’m not surprised,” Shaun Phillips said. “He’s a little cocky (rear end). It’s all good, all fun and games. We didn’t look too much into it. As a coach, I hope he has that mind-set. But to say he owns us? I mean, you beat us one time. What has he really done in this league? He had a team 6-0 and now he’s looking up at us from second place.”

McDaniels said after the game as he headed to his car that the Chargers “talked to me first.”

He then said, “I’m not making a story about this. If I did, I’d be able to tell you some things that aren’t for papers.”



Another spectacular win!!!

Chargers 32, Broncos 3

GREAT game!  My poor fingernails needed a break from all those close games.  I wanted a blow out and who better for that to play out against but my most hated team…Happy football day.  Fantasy-wise, I didn’t do well, but a Chargers win trumps a fantasy win anyday!!

EVERYONE played well; I can’t single any one player out.  It was nice seeing Norv thinking outside of the box (finally)….keep it up!

A quick shout out to Mike Tolbert….Happy Birthday tomorrow!!!  And great job today (58 yds, 1 TD)!!

And then they were TIED….

Chargers 31, Eagles 23

After the ridiculous win by Washington over the Donkeys (way to go Redskins!!), the Chargers knew that a win would tie them for the lead in the AFC West (I don’t need you Donkey fans coming out of the woodwork with your ‘but we have the tiebreaker’ cries…it won’t matter at the end of the season!) Were they worried?  Not a bit, as was evidenced by their play. 

The defense held the Eagles’ offense to 3 FGs when Philly was 1st-and-goal which, for a team with mucho defensive injuries, was impressive.  Vincent Jackson was covered all day (only one catch, but I still love ya VJ!), so Philip Rivers threw TDs to Mike Tolbert and Legedu Naanee. 

Kudos to Nate Kaeding as well, keeping his perfect FG-under-40-yards and XPs streaks alive.

And let’s not forget LaDainian Tomlinson’s pair of TDs to move him ahead of Marcus Allen to #3 on the ALL TIME TD list behind Jerry Rice and Emmitt Smith.  Outstanding!!

It would be nice if the Chargers could have a blow-out…my poor stomach can’t take these close games every week!  Next week would be nice…in Denver!!

courtesy of Denis Poroy/AP

courtesy of Denis Poroy/AP

And the lead is cut to one…

As much as it pained me to root for Pittsburgh, I am ecstatic with the outcome.  Denver’s lead has been reduced to one game and shades of last season are looming on the horizon.  Next week is critical, however.  Denver travels to Washington to play the Clinton Portis-less 2-6 Redskins (and you know he would LOVE to play against his old team!)  I hope Jim Zorn watched the game and collaborated with his coaching staff to develop a good game plan.  On the flip side, the Chargers host the dangerous Eagles.  But the game is in San Diego and Philip Rivers is phenonemal at home (22-5.)  As long as the defense can stop the run (and Shawne Merriman can keep the multi-sack game streak going), the Chargers have a great chance of winning…

On a side note, it was nice to see Chris Chambers have a great day in his new home in Kansas City.  With he and Dwayne Bowe, I’m sure Matt Cassel is happier.


Chargers 21, Giants 20

Rivers to Jackson…again…twice!!  Paydirt!! 

‘Nuff said.

Chargers release Chris Chambers

To summarize the above article, the Chargers and Chambers have parted ways due to his dwindling performance and the emergence of Malcom Floyd. Speculation into Chambers’ personal life causing problems on the field have also been cited. (Is he dating Jessica Simpson?)

Any team who chooses to claim Chambers off waivers will have to pay him the $2.4 million owed by the Chargers so it is more likely that he will clear waivers and sign with another team. In that case San Diego would still owe him the balance of his $4.55 million contract.

*     *     *

I’ve been trying to think of who is in dire need of a WR right now.  Perhaps a return to Miami?  Also needy at this time are St. Louis, Tampa Bay, and Cleveland. Chicago might have some use for him and New England and Dallas have the money if they so desire.  Atlanta might be interested in using Chambers as the bookend to Roddy White, particularly with the poor play of Michael Jenkins on MNF. Chambers is still a good player despite his slump and will be valuable to any team to which he goes.

13 in a Row…

Chargers 24, Raiders 16

The Chargers now hold the longest current winning streak against one team in the entire league; however, the game was a bit too close for my comfort.  But a win is a win is a win.  Right Donkey fans?!  Oh, wait, the Donkeys LOST to the Ravens.  HOORAY!!!  Now the Chargers are only 2 games behind and it’s still early in the season.

The Chargers’ defense managed to step it up again with Antonio Cromartie’s early INT. Shawne Merriman and Shaun Phillips each had a pair of sacks, and Phillips also forced a fumble.  Tim Dobbins early knee injury looked bad but he did return to the game.

Uncharacteristically, however, Vincent Jackson tipped a ball for an INT and Darren Sproles lost a fumble.  Jackson redeemed himself once again with a fabulous game (103 yds, 1 TD) and LaDainian Tomlinson rushed for 2 TDs.  It was nice to see him back in form.

I’m going to keep this short because I gave myself a headache screaming for the past 6 hours.

Next week the Giants host the Chargers after taking their 3rd consecutive loss.  Hopefully, they will remain in this downward spiral.  Pittsburgh travels to Denver for MNF.  As much as this nauseates me, I must say, (ack, gag, cough) “Go Steelers!”

Now THAT’S what I’m talking about…

…although I do have a huge gripe.

Chargers 37, Chiefs 7

Let’s start with the gripe, shall we?  1st and goal inside the 5-yard line and LT is given the ball 4 times with no success – in two consecutive games.  I understand the whole “moral victory” thing for La Dainian Tomlinson but there’s a point where you play to win the game.  Got that Norv?!?  You have one of the best QBs and WRs (Vincent Jackson) in the league…let them do their thing! 

At any rate, however, it was nice to see the old LT breaking tackles for his first long rush of the season.  Hopefully he can keep that up, but the goal line thing has GOT to go.

Nonetheless, the Chargers dominated the lowly Chiefs.  And judging by the Jets’ domination of the Raiders I’m hoping for another W next week.  Oh, and Go Ravens (vs. Denver)!!

The defense looked much improved and WTG Steve Gregory and Tim Dobbins (who I managed to snag off the waiver wire in a fantasy league!)  And let’s not forget Jacob Hester’s blocked punt which HE recovered in the end zone for a TD!!  Outstanding!!

And how about Darren Sproles almost breaking a long TD run with one shoe?  On soggy grass too.

Kudos also to Nate Kaeding for racking up the fantasy points, including giving me an extra .25 for his tackle.

Next week the Chargers host the Raiders who do not look as good as they did week one when these two met.  Let’s hope the momentum carries the Bolts to another victory.

Ugh…(expletive, expletive)

Chargers 23, Broncos 34

Well, I certainly don’t want to rehash THAT debacle.  But I will add my 2 cents worth.

It was nice to see some defense, particularly against the run and especially after the swiss cheese run defense the Chargers had vs. Pittsburgh.  The secondary, sans Clinton Hart, was adequate despite the horrible officiating (on both sides, mind you…I don’t want Donkey fans taking umbrage.) 

The offense was adequate…certainly not the impressive display we Chargers fans are used to from Philip Rivers et al.  LaDainian Tomlinson finally broke a pair of runs longer than 5 yards which was nice but he still doesn’t look 100%.  And Vincent Jackson reeled in another BEAUTIFUL TD (thanks for the fantasy points VJ!)

Special teams STUNK!!!  TWO returns for TDs?!?!!  Come on guys, what is up?  Even David Binn (upon whom we could always count to prevent big returns) missed a couple of tackles.  Kudos to Darren Sproles, however, for finally breaking one and going all the way.  Had Eddie Royal returned one, then that wouldn’t have been as bad, obviously, but there was absolutely NO excuse for the second one.  Minus the two returns the Chargers might have actually upset the overrated Donkeys.

But they didn’t.  And I’m STILL pissed off.

Next week the Bolts travel to Kansas City where they have historically had problems; however, the Chiefs stink….but I’m still not expecting much.  Better not to be disappointed.