AFC West Champions — SAN DIEGO CHARGERS!! (HOLY SH!T!!))

Posted by Charger_Girl

December 29, 2008 | 2 Comments

Chargers 52, Donkeys 21 (THAT’S FIFTY-TWO POINTS!!)

So, just ignore my blogs for the past month when I wrote off my beloved Chargers.  What a game!  Way to choke, Denver!  1st place ALL season and a 3-game skid to blow it.  Merry Christmas!!!

This makes the Chargers the ONLY 4-8 team to ever make the playoffs, as well as giving Denver the distinction of being the only team to have a 3-game lead in the division and not to make the playoffs.  Wow.

Bring on the Colts……I’LL BE AT THE GAME!!!

Now a recap:

LT – 3 TDs, 96 yds

Darren Sproles – 2 TDs, 115 yds rushing, 17 yds receiving and the HORSE TRAILER - WTG BABY!!!!

Philip Rivers – 15/20, 207 yds, 2 TDs

TDs by Brandon Manumaleuna and Jacob Hester and some clutch catches/plays by Legedu Naanee, Vincent Jackson, and Chris Chambers

The defense has been HOT since Rivera took over the reins from what-was-his-name?

3 turnovers for Denver, ZERO for San Diego

And a nice footnote:  NO Patriots or Cowboys in the playoffs!!!

P.S.  Ed Hochuli is officially off the hook, but he had better NOT be in San Diego next week!!!


(Watch out Indy!  You ain’t stopping the tank!!)


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  1. Moronic Denver Fan on December 29, 2008 3:13 am

    Good job San Diego…But I wouldn’t be bragging about how great an 8-8 team is yet…See how far you go…And there’s always next year (when Denver fixes it’s defense…).

  2. Charger_Girl on December 31, 2008 12:47 am

    All playoff teams are 0-0 right now, so give the 8-8 a rest. Had the Chargers fired Ted Cottrell earlier and promoted Ron Rivera (our defense is fixed) then they would have had a better record.

    As for fixing Denver’s defense….they need a coach first.

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