Super Bowl Recap (aka “how the refs blew yet another important game”)

Cardinals 23, Steelers 27

Let me preface this by stating that the Cardinals are my “step-team” – a term coined by my ex-husband (a diehard Chargers fan as well) who is letting me use his ideas royalty-free.  Let me explain.  While I bleed blue and gold, having lived in AZ for over 5 years now, I have found I love my step-team as much as my “real” team.

That said, the Cardinals should be very proud of their performance.  Kurt Warner had another fabulous game, 377 yds and 2 TDs.  The three musketeers of Arizona receiving – Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin and Steve Breaston – combined for 21 catches, nearly 400 yds and 3 TDs.  The defense played equally well, intercepting Roethlisberger and sacking him twice.

In my opinion, the game was decided by the referees’ ineptness yet again.  After Ken Whisenhunt successfully challenged two horrible calls, one would logically think that any close plays would be looked at a bit closer.  Especially the final play, where Warner’s arm was OBVIOUSLY coming forward emulating a forward pass, and not a fumble as ruled.  But no, this would give Warner the opportunity for a long pass and a likely-TD by any one of the receivers and possibly the game – and we can’t have the Cardinals winning the Super Bowl now, can we?  Of course not, that would be, um, unAmerican. 

To continue my rant.  What the hell is “running over the holder?”  Oh please.  Or the “roughing the passer” call when Roethlisberger was legitimately tackled.  I don’t recall seeing an “excessive celebration” flag for Santonio Holmes’ TD (which was, by the way, a great catch.)  Really, the lengths to which the officials went to to give Pitt the game was truly astounding.  Mike Pereira should be so proud.

So, to conclude, congrats to the Arizona Cardinals who persisted and won crucial games despite all the naysayers.  They should be very proud and have next year to look forward to.