The AFC falls to the NFC in the Pro Bowl

AFC 21, NFC 30

Granted, I wasn’t extremely excited to watch this game for multiple reasons.  First, it marks the end of the NFL season and promotes a heavy air of sadness upon my entire being.  I hate basketball and baseball does not have the same, shall we say, stimulation that football induces in me.

Secondly, Kris Dielman was the only Charger at the game since Antonio Gates begged out due to injury.

On the bright side, however, Owen Daniels, Gates’ replacement, did manage to catch the ball twice, including a 9-yd TD pass from Kerry Collins in the 2nd quarter.  Yeah, Kerry Collins who, presumably, made the Pro Bowl as an alternate to Brett Favre’s alternate status (since Favre did not play to injury as well) because the Titans started the season 10-0.  Whoopeeeee.  Not Philip Rivers who led the league the entire year in passer rating and TDs.  Obviously Rivers wasn’t “elected” because the Chargers’ did not play up to snuff all year.  But shall I remind you that the Chargers did, in fact, win their division, unlike Denver, who sent both Brandon Marshall and Jay Cutler to Honolulu.  I have no (significant) gripes against Marshall, despite his being #2 in the league in dropped passes this season, but Cutler, come on. (All right Donkey fans….bring it!)  Nice to see Cutler play to his ability, going 7/15, 48 yds, and 1 INT.  And he had the AFC’s elite to throw to.  Great job Jay.

Arizona’s stud WR Larry Fitzgerald was named Pro Bowl MVP (although the Cardinals should have won the Super Bowl and he should have earned MVP honors in that game) for his 5 catches, 81 yds, and 2 TDs.