Cassel’s a Chief, Haynesworth is overpaid, and nobody wants Cutler

New England traded Matt Cassel and Mike Vrabel to Kansas City for a 2nd round pick this year.  Apparently a failed menage-a-trois with NE, KC and Tampa Bay went sour as Cassel would have gone to Denver and Cutler to the Bucs (did anyone even know that Cutler may actually leave Denver?), but Denver allegedly balked (you snooze, you lose) and the Chiefs snagged perhaps the greatest steal in free agency thus far.  I’m sure Vrabel will be ecstatic seeing the Chargers twice per year.  Also, wouldn’t it be funny if Tom Brady tanked or got hurt again early in the season?!  But the Patriots did acquire RB Fred Taylor from Jacksonville, so I suppose they really don’t need a QB.  And I hope this ends the ridiculous banter surrounding the remote “possibility” that LaDainian Tomlinson might adorn the red, white and blue next season.  Not a chance.

The Bucs did finagle a trade with Cleveland for Kellen Winslow Jr., but I’m not sure if that was a good thing for Tampa unless the young Winslow gets an attitude adjustment.  Oh wait, Jon Gruden is gone.  Never mind.

Now about the Cutler “thing” (and you all know how much I truly despise the Donkeys and love the rumor mill), apparently Cutler is aware the team is shopping him around.  To which he stated, “I’ve heard the rumors…I know what they’re trying to do. Even though I love Denver and I’d love to remain a Bronco, I know how this business works. If they want me to play somewhere else, so be it.”  Maybe it was the whole “I have a better arm than Elway” that got Denver’s panties in a wad?!!  Since Detroit traded John Kitna to Dallas, there has been talk of Cutler going to the Lions (sorry, LMAO!)

I won’t even mention the RIDICULOUS $100 million contract ex-Titan Albert Haynesworth received in Washington, complete with an uber-ridiculous history-making $41 million signing bonus.  Sounds like something Al Davis would do.