I’d like to know what idiot leaked the “news” that the Chargers put Antonio Cromartie on the block to go after Drayton Florence.  Come on, Florence was released for a reason, and why would one even think that Cro might be on the outs after one subpar season?  The guy was hurt all year (rumors are a fractured hip, but no confirmation exists for that allegation) and it seems too many are quick to discount the phenomenal year he had in 2007.

At any rate, Florence, released by Jacksonville, has found a new home in Buffalo and Cro is safe (thank goodness.)

Come on people, you have to remember that the Chargers’ defense SUCKED for the first half of last season due to the ineptness of Ted Cottrell and, in part, to Shawne Merriman’s absence, but did rebound once Ron Rivera took over.  With Merriman slated to return on schedule, I am excited to see what the Chargers defense can do, even without Igor Olshansky and Marques Harris.  I am particularly eager to see how they will use Antoine Cason.  The guy won the Thorpe Award for a reason.

On the LaDainian Tomlinson front, more rumors have been circulating that the New Orleans Saints are “looking closely” at him.  Heck, what team ISN’T looking (and hoping and wishing and praying) that they could sign LT, but I don’t see it happening.  All that is required is a little creative contract restructuring to free up some salary cap funds.  And if LT truly wants to stay in San Diego, it wouldn’t be that difficult.  I understand that the whole Brandon Jacobs big contract is on everyone’s mind; however, Jacobs isn’t 30 and hasn’t broken virtually every RB record so maybe his legs are, in fact, a little fresher.  LT should take a page out of Larry Fitzgerald’s book (offering to restructure his contract so that Anquan Boldin would stay in AZ) and get it done, end the speculation, and make Chargers’ fans happy.

By the way, I have a gently worn Igor Olshanksy replica jersey (new style) for sale.  If interested, email me or look on eBay.