Jay Cutler and Ed Hochuli provide impetus for proposed rule changes

When NFL executives and coaches meet for their annual spring meeting, among the topics of conversation will be a proposed rule change stemming from the moronic call by Ed Hochuli during the Donkeys/Chargers game during last seasons’ week 2 when Jay Cutler obviously fumbled.  More specifically, In previous seasons, once an official ruled an incomplete pass, it couldn’t be reviewed to determine if the quarterback may have fumbled the ball.”

Another proposed rule change involves draft order.  Since I really cannot be my usual sarcastic and Donkey-fan-annoying self about this, if you care, you can read more about it (and other proposals) here; but suffice it to say that it involves team record and playoff results, particularly since the Chargers finished 8-8 and progressed in the playoffs.  As a result, the proposed rule change awards draft pick order on standing and not on record.

(Source: chargers.com)