More Cutler drama, free agency update, and Donte Stallworth is a moron

Apparently Eric Mangini, the former fired Jets coach, is (out of the goodness of his heart?) trying to help the Jets trade for disgruntled Donkey QB Jay Cutler who continues to emulate Terrell Owens with endless lamentations of his unhappiness level.  As of now, the Jets have draft picks and salary cap money, but not a tradeable QB to complete the deal, whereas Mangini has 2 starting QBs (Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn) that may factor into a menage-a-trois deal.  Other teams where Cutler may end up are Detroit, Chicago, Washington, Cleveland, and Tampa Bay (good thing Jon Gruden is out of the picture because he would not put up with Cutler’s crap!)  Rumor has it that he has put his Denver house up for sale, but some allege that he’s had it on the market for the better part of the year (Good timing, there, CutleT.)  Trade him to Detroit…now THAT’LL teach him!!  Funny how Donkey fans called Philip Rivers a punk for the past two years when it is crystal clear who the REAL punk is.

As for my other truly despised team, the Patsies, they just signed 37-year old WR Joey Galloway to a one-year deal, likely to replace Jabar Gafney.  I believe it is official now…New England has replaced Oakland as the place where old players go to die.

Finally, speaking of the Browns, WR Donte Stallworth was driving drunk when he struck and killed a pedestrian.  Reports say that his blood-alcohol level exceeded the legal limit and police and his attorney are discussing whether he will be charged. Holy crap!  The man KILLED another person because he was NEGLIGENT and is not above the law merely because he plays professional sports!  Of course, charge him!  Maybe if these players (in all sports) are held responsible and accountable for their actions, then they might STOP driving drunk.