The “Hochuli Rule” and other news

NFL owners unanimously voted to alter the draft order based upon overall team record, as well as to pass the so-called “Hochuli Rule” that allows for replay review when a fumble is incorrectly ruled as an incomplete pass, like what happened to the Chargers in week 2 last season in Denver (and, no, I’m not going to ‘let it go.’)

Other rule changes which were approved include that downed defenders cannot lunge at a player to make a tackle (as this is how Tom Brady was hurt last season); however, they can wrap or swipe their arms to attempt to make a play.  Also, a strike zone has been established where a QB can be hit while in the pocket (which extends from just below the waist to the shoulders.)  No blind side hits which are led with a helmet, forearm, or shoulder are allowed anymore.  Finally, teams are no longer permitted to use “bunch formations” during onside kicks, nor are they allowed to create a blocking wedge of more than two players.  All of these rule adjustments are designed to promote player safety.

*   *   *

Norv Turner believes that both LaDainian Tomlinson and Darren Sproles will be able to complement each other next season.  Um, isn’t that what they have been doing (except when LT is hurt?!)  Let’s hope so anyway – oh, and NO injuries!

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Mike Goff, whom the Chargers decided not to re-sign, has signed with division rival Kansas City.