The Cutler saga is finally over…for now

Introducing the starting QB for the Chicago Bears….Jay Cutler.  This is for to laugh.  If he couldn’t last in Denver amidst all the hoots and hollers, what makes anyone think that he will be able to withstand the elevated boos and jeers of a tough Chicago crowd?

In return, Denver got QB Kyle Orton, the #18 overall first-round pick in the upcoming draft, a third-rounder (#84) in the upcoming draft, a fifth-round pick (#140) in the upcoming draft, and, if this wasn’t enough, a first-round pick in next year’s draft.  All this for a 2nd year QB who really hasn’t done much at all.  Face it Donkey fans, Cutler’s election to last season’s Pro Bowl was a joke and a half.

Obviously, Chicago’s ineptness at the entire draft process made this deal that much easier.  Perhaps Jerry Angelo should take a lesson from A.J. Smith.

Gee, between Orton and spleen-boy Chris Simms, I wonder who Denver’s starter will be.  I’m guessing whomever the Donkeys draft at QB in April.