John Madden Retires

Apparently he is healthy, but just thinks it’s time to say farewell to the broadcast booth.  He didn’t look too well when I ran after his golf cart following the Chargers/Colts playoff game earlier this year to try to get an autograph (I failed, by the way); but then again, he isn’t a spring chicken. (I can relate but to a much lesser degree, of course.)

There’s a cute (cute isn’t the right word, but I am verbally exhausted at the present time) article about the situation that can be read here.

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By the way, I recently discovered that all last season “MoronicDenverFan” (who commented endlessly on my witty and eloquent blogs) was, in fact, my brother Mike pretending to be normal.  Thanks bro.  But I still despise your Donkeys and they have no chance of winning the division this year either.