More trouble for a Charger

LB Shaun Phillips was cited for misdemeanor battery Sunday morning for allegedly punching a security guard in the face at a hotel.  This is his 2nd “run in” with the law in 3 seasons, according to Yahoo sports, with the first being an arrest for “scuffling with a police officer.”

Of course, nobody is speaking to the press officially, but, frankly, I am getting of sick of these football players who can’t behave like normal people.   They are in the spotlight for a reason and if they can’t handle it, then get out.  I think it’s ridiculous to pay these very young, just out of college kids so much money and expect them to act like responsible adults.  If the NFL and owners want to really make a difference, change the rules so that first-year players are subjected to minimum salaries with bonus incentives.  Then, after they’ve proven themselves they would be eligible for these ridiculous salary negotiations.  Instill a little discipline and character in them first.  Then we wouldn’t end up with JaMarcus Russells or Ryan Leafs or Matt Leinarts, etc. etc. etc.

I’m not saying that every rookie is like this.  Obviously, depending upon the college and the individual, there have been some very good first year players (ie. Antoine Cason, Darren Sproles, Eric Weddle, Jacob Hester, etc.); however, they are not in the majority.