We knew he couldn’t hack it in the big leagues, but this??

Former San Diego Chargers QB (and #2 pick behind Peyton Manning in 1998) and former West Texas A&M QB coach Ryan Leaf (who resigned “abruptly” due to “minor drug charges”) was indicted on 7 counts of obtaining a controlled substance by fraud, one count of burglary to a habitation, and one count of delivery of a simulated controlled substance when he broke into the home of an injured football players to steal hydrocodone (Vicodin).  Excuse me?!! Minor drug charges??  Sounds like more felonies than TDs thrown during his “illustrious” career in San Diego.

Poor guy…has a great career at Washington State, then leads the Chargers to a 1-15 season (I had season tickets back then and remember that season well), and now this.

Kinda makes the recent slew of Charger DUIs not look THAT bad, doesn’t it?