Attention all you “fans”

I love true fans.  Fans who stick through their team during 1-15 (remember the year of Ryan Leaf?) or, even worse, 0-16 (poor Detroit) seasons. And I love talking smack.  Anyone who reads my blog will know that.  However, what gets my goat, to be cliche, are those “fans” who discount any team’s or player’s accomplishments on the simple fact that they have not won a Super Bowl.  In my opinion (upon which this entire blog is based anyway) I would rather back a team that has never won a Super Bowl but has individual and collective character (and an occasional DUI does not equate with, oh, shooting oneself in the leg, assault and battery, dogfighting, etc.).

That said, I am sick of all those Steelers, Patriots, Cowboys, Raiders, and other teams with multiple Super Bowl rings’ fans who cluck like a bunch of in-heat hens about how the Chargers are no good because they have not won a Super Bowl but fail to mention “champions” with asterisks next to their wins for cheating and bad officiating.

San Diego has the most individual talent on ANY current team.  Also note the use of the word “team.”  There are no media reports of players whining to be traded (ahem, Jay Cutler, Terrell Owens, Chad Johnson, Edgerrin James, etc.) because they aren’t getting the money they want or the ball enough or didn’t learn in kindergarten how to get along with everyone.  The Chargers play together.  When Darren Sproles scores, who’s the first player in the endzone to toss him into the air?  LaDainian Tomlinson.  There’s no whining and pouting and the like, and I don’t want to hear about the playoff game 3 years ago in San Diego vs. the Patriots when LT was hurt and “sulking” on the bench.  Nobody knows what was going through his mind but LT and we all know what happens when one assumes too much.  I also don’t want to hear about Philip Rivers’ smack talk with Jay Cutler on the sidelines.  Don’t tell me that was the only time you’ve ever seen bickering/bantering/arguing/etc. between players during a heated rivalry.

If we take at face value that one is only a winner if he has a coveted ring then let’s just do away with the Hall of Fame and build a Super-Walmart instead because the HOF is full of champions with no rings.