Former Charger Harrison retires

Patriots’ and former Chargers’ safety Rodney Harrison retired Wednesday morning. Touted as the “dirtiest player” in the league on 3 separate occasions, he developed a reputation which he continues to deny.  There’s a great article on him at,167766 which sums up my opinion of him to a T.

He used to be my favorite player as well; however, amidst the late and overly aggressive hitting and repeated HGH allegations, he has dwindled in my mind to someone who needs to leave the league if not for the mere safety of current players.  I don’t want to see him in the commentary booth or on one of NFL network’s myriad analysis shows.  I just want to remember him at the beginning of the year when he could always be counted on to make some stellar play in a Chargers uniform.

Let’s all hope, for the safety of the sport, that he doesn’t “pull a Favre.”