An interesting article for fantasy fans regarding the Chargers

According to Dave Del Grande, Fantasy Football Examiner for the Phoenix Examiner, despite the Chargers finishing 6th in offensive production, “there’s so much room for improvement, it’s scary.”

Here is the rest of the article:

Consider this:

LaDainian Tomlinson, the consensus top pick in the fantasy game, failed to live up to expectations, finishing eighth among running backs. He might not be No. 1 anymore, but he’s certainly not No. 8, either.

Antonio Gates, who in recent years had been far and away the top tight end, was outscored by three guys at his position. A toe injury was a huge reason.

And Chris Chambers, who had been expected to flourish as a Charger after showing flashes of brilliance in Miami, couldn’t even crack the Top 40 among wide receivers. Again, blame his health.

Shockingly, despite being surrounded by disappointments, Philip Rivers finished second only to Drew Brees among quarterbacks.

The question is: Can he do it again?

The obvious answer is yes. Chambers definitely will be better in 2009, and both LT and Gates have the potential to move back closer to where they once were.

If any of that happens, Rivers should come along for the ride. He might even enter the season right where he left the last one – as the No. 2 quarterback.

Projected 2009 Overall Fantasy Rating: 2nd.

Most likely Chargers to be better than expected (2008 position ranking in parentheses): WR Chris Chambers (not among Top 40 wide receivers), RB LaDainian Tomlinson (eighth among running backs), QB Philip Rivers (second among quarterbacks) .

Most likely Charger to disappoint (2008 position ranking in parentheses): RB Darren Sproles (not among Top 40 running backs).

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I like his spin except for the “most likely Charger to disappoint” portion because I believe that Darren Sproles hasn’t even reached his pinnacle yet and has many more surprises in his future.  And he’s on one of my fantasy teams.