LT + preseason = good possibility

For the first time since 2005, LaDainian Tomlinson may play in preseason.  Apparently, while he has always been open to suit up and get some early playing time, the coaches have, instead, opted to protect him from potential preseason injury.  Nonetheless, those lucky fans who are attending the Seahawks/Chargers preseason game on Saturday may get to see him get back into the groove.

It is understandable why the coaching staff has opted to keep LT off the field before September.  Particularly with his recent end-of-season injuries they want to keep him as fresh as possible for regular and potential postseason play.  My suggestion is to utilize Darren Sproles as much as LT (especially since I’ve drafted Sproles in one of my fantasy leagues!)

At any rate, it remains to be seen if LT will participate in any preseason games; however, according to, if he does, it will likely be Saturday in front of a home crowd.