LT Injury Revealed

Apparently LaDainian Tomlinson rolled his ankle on the play where he fumbled the ball Monday night versus the Raiders.  This quashes all speculation about why he wasn’t on the field for the Bolts’ game-winning drive.  LT is downplaying the injury, which was not revealed until after San Diego narrowly avoided a humiliating loss versus Oakland in one of the Chargers’ worst performances as of late. 

The injury, which is expected to keep LT out of practice on Wednesday, does not bode well for all of the offseason debate over his age and career.  Frankly, I’m sick to death of hearing how so-and-so is the best QB/RB/WR/TE/etc. in the league every week and how LT must relinquish his crown to Minnesota’s Adrian Peterson.  Yes, Peterson is a great RB; however, bestowing the ultimate moniker on a player is not only moot but also applies pressure upon whom the title is placed.  Why can’t commentators just call a game without feeling forced to establish some subjective hierarchy to every player. 

Furthermore, all of this discounts the significance of LT’s career thus far.  Yes, he’s 30.  Big deal (I wish I was 30 again.)  His career is far from over; however, his recent predisposition for injury is alarming (I’m sure Philadelphia fans can relate with the eternally-injured Donovan McNabb.) 

But then there’s Darren Sproles.  ‘Nuff said.  For now.