A disappointing but valiant effort

Chargers 23, Ravens 28

First of all, that last handoff to Darren Sproles was a HORRIBLE call Norv…don’t you think that the Ravens D KNEW you were going to do that??!!

Anyway, I am proud of the Bolts for a hard-fought tough game against a great team (unlike Denver beating Cleveland, lol…the Donkeys are 2-0 against two non-teams!)

Philip Rivers set his own personal passing yardage record going 25/45 for 436 yds, 2 TDs and 2 (really unnecessary) INTs.  Actually, the deflecterception was not his fault but, come on Philip, TAKE THE SACK instead of throwing it away!!!  Sproles had another fabulous game (10 carries, 26 yds, 7 receptions, 124 yds, 1 TD, and a 53-ys KR) as did Vincent Jackson (6 catches, 141 yds, 1 TD…but let’s not forget Antonio Gates’ fumble recovery and some key 3rd down catches also.)  Gates had some key receptions as well (5 for 78 yards and an almost TD.)

The defense played pretty poorly in the first half with the injuries evident early; however, the secondary stepped it up and the team seemed more cohesive in the 2nd half.  A valiant effort but, sadly, not enough.  On the bright side, Antoine Cason had a key INT and Luis Castillo sacked Joe Flacco. 

Had the Chargers had all of their starters healthy, I believe they would have pulled off the win.  Also troublesome are the four short FGs by Nate Kaeding.  Great job Kaeding, but they should have been able to score TDs on at least two of those drives.

The Chargers also committed WAY too many penalties.  Would someone please tell me how a home team is repeatedly flagged for delay of game and false starts??!!

And let’s not forget the HORRID officiating that has been plaguing the league for the past few seasons.  That running into the kicker penalty against SD was ridiculous as were the non-calls on several occasion.  Both teams were hampered by bad calls, not just the Chargers.

Nevertheless, they are 1-1 but it’s early.  LT and Nick Hardwick will hopefully be back next week and maybe Ron Rivera can reconfigure a very thin D-line into one more productive.  That Jamal Williams will be out all season is NOT good, but as I have always said, the Chargers are a team and have a whole lotta heart!  I’ll take that anyday!!

Next week the Bolts host the Dolphins who meet the Colts on Monday night.