Ugh…(expletive, expletive)

Chargers 23, Broncos 34

Well, I certainly don’t want to rehash THAT debacle.  But I will add my 2 cents worth.

It was nice to see some defense, particularly against the run and especially after the swiss cheese run defense the Chargers had vs. Pittsburgh.  The secondary, sans Clinton Hart, was adequate despite the horrible officiating (on both sides, mind you…I don’t want Donkey fans taking umbrage.) 

The offense was adequate…certainly not the impressive display we Chargers fans are used to from Philip Rivers et al.  LaDainian Tomlinson finally broke a pair of runs longer than 5 yards which was nice but he still doesn’t look 100%.  And Vincent Jackson reeled in another BEAUTIFUL TD (thanks for the fantasy points VJ!)

Special teams STUNK!!!  TWO returns for TDs?!?!!  Come on guys, what is up?  Even David Binn (upon whom we could always count to prevent big returns) missed a couple of tackles.  Kudos to Darren Sproles, however, for finally breaking one and going all the way.  Had Eddie Royal returned one, then that wouldn’t have been as bad, obviously, but there was absolutely NO excuse for the second one.  Minus the two returns the Chargers might have actually upset the overrated Donkeys.

But they didn’t.  And I’m STILL pissed off.

Next week the Bolts travel to Kansas City where they have historically had problems; however, the Chiefs stink….but I’m still not expecting much.  Better not to be disappointed.