Chargers release Chris Chambers

To summarize the above article, the Chargers and Chambers have parted ways due to his dwindling performance and the emergence of Malcom Floyd. Speculation into Chambers’ personal life causing problems on the field have also been cited. (Is he dating Jessica Simpson?)

Any team who chooses to claim Chambers off waivers will have to pay him the $2.4 million owed by the Chargers so it is more likely that he will clear waivers and sign with another team. In that case San Diego would still owe him the balance of his $4.55 million contract.

*     *     *

I’ve been trying to think of who is in dire need of a WR right now.  Perhaps a return to Miami?  Also needy at this time are St. Louis, Tampa Bay, and Cleveland. Chicago might have some use for him and New England and Dallas have the money if they so desire.  Atlanta might be interested in using Chambers as the bookend to Roddy White, particularly with the poor play of Michael Jenkins on MNF. Chambers is still a good player despite his slump and will be valuable to any team to which he goes.