Pro Bowl Rosters Released – Only 2 Chargers

The rosters for the Pro Bowl have been released, with Kris Dielman the only Chargers starter and Antonio Gates as a reserve being elected.  I have to express my discontent with some of the other selections.  Philip Rivers is the top rated QB in the LEAGUE and having scored the most TDs by QB; however, Jay Cutler got one of the alternate spots.  Additionally, Darren Sproles reportedly had the most public votes for KR; however, didn’t make it.  Additionally, Mike Scifres, who has the league’s best average, lost to Oakland’s Shane Lechler.  Also noticeably absent is NT Jamal Williams.

Granted, San Diego hasn’t had a great season, but that should not be wholly indicative of election to the Pro Bowl (see Houston’s Andre Johnson, arguably the BEST WR in the league being elected, as well as Mario Williams.)  The Pro Bowl is for the cream of the crop, and to see names such as Lechler, Cutler, and Brandon Marshall earning spots makes the Pro Bowl more like a popularity contest than a Pro Bowl.

To view the complete rosters, click here.

HOLY COW!!! Week 15 Post Game Report

 Chargers 22, Chiefs 21

OMG, I swear, I thought they were done.  What a pair of phenomenal catches/passes by Vincent Jackson/Philip Rivers (who also both helped me out in my fantasy playoff games.) 

Well done guys….I was worried.

I am at an uncharacteristic loss of words right now….I will offer more insight in a later post.


I Have To Vent….

I am SICK TO DEATH of all the unnecessary penalties against the Chargers.  While holding and false start flags are merely a sign of BAD COACHING and no discipline, when the Chargers do get a decent defensive play off, they invariably get called for pass interference.  Throw into the mix that nobody on the team can tackle.

Case in point:  The Larry Johnson to Tony Gonzalez TD pass.  Pass interference called on Eric Weddle when Gonzalez had his hands all over Weddle?  Oh puleeeeez, give me a break.  Not to mention the fact that LT can throw too, but Norv never gives them the chance.

WTF is that “throwing a punch” ejection against Kris Dielman?  Oh look, another INEPT, INCOMPETENT group of officials.  Ridiculous.

I almost hope they don’t make the playoffs.  If they do, it will mean another AFC West title; however, the team will get blown out by whomever they play first.  They are horrible this season, and as a diehard fan, I am quite frustrated.

Am I Optimistic? Nah! Week 15 Pre Game Report, Chargers (5-8) at Chiefs (2-11)

Um, first of all, I have to say, “GO PANTHERS!!”

That said, the Chargers will definitely have their hands full Sunday.  While the Chiefs are not that great of a team this season, San Diego tends to have problems winning in Arrowhead Stadium.

The last time these teams met, in week 10, the Chargers BARELY beat the Chiefs, 20-19, no thanks to some horrid officiating that has plagued the team all season.  (In fact, I’m still pissed off at Ed Hochule, 13 weeks later.)

The San Diego D finally showed up last week, amassing 3 INTs vs the hapless Raiders, which was a long time coming. As for the Chiefs, despite my empassioned rooting for them against Denver last week, they couldn’t hang on, losing 24-17. maintains that we should keep an eye on Antonio Gates and Tony Gonzalez, as both teams tend to rely upon their tight ends a lot. I have Gates on one of my fantasy teams, and, speaking from experience, um, no, the Chargers haven’t been relying upon Gates as much as I would have hoped for, despite Gates’ #2 ranking with 6 TDs behind Gonzalez’s 7.

Philip Rivers regained his #1 QB  passer rating ranking at 102.0.  He only needs 220 yards to surpass his career-high single season mark of 3,388 yds set in 2006 (when the Chargers went 14-2).  Another milestone…LaDainian Tomlinson needs 2 more rushing TDs to surpass Marcus Allen for #2 on the all time list.  A reminder…LT is fab in December, averaging over 100 yds per game.

Now, about that optimism.  For the Chargers to win the AFC West, which is the ONLY way they would make the playoffs, they have to win out and Denver has to lose their last 3 games.  The Chargers host the Broncos to end the season, so we Bolt fans need to jump aboard the Panthers’ and Bills’ bandwagons vs. Denver and hope that San Diego can beat Kansas City, Tampa Bay (thankfully they don’t have to play in the snow), and Denver.  Suffice it to say that unless the stars are aligned perfectly, I really don’t see the Chargers making it into the playoffs.  But I am competely open to being surprised.




Milestone for VJ

Thursday night marked the first time in his 4-year career that Vincent Jackson surpassed 100 yds. in a regular season game with his 148 yds vs. Oakland on 5 receptions, including a beautiful 59-yd TD and a 1st quarter 46-yd grab as well.  Jackson, despite not having a single catch last week vs. Atlanta, is continuing his impressive season (44 rec, 851 yds, 6 TDs).



In the words of LT after his first-quarter TD…..

…”That was easy.”

Chargers 34 , Raiders 7

With this win, the Chargers now own the current longest winning streak against one team (Oakland) at 11 games.

It was nice to see both the offense and defense show up and actually play.  Now if we can only get the special teams to join the party.  Giving up that 92-yd kickoff return TD just before halftime was just nonexistent tackling.  Now, granted, the defense wasn’t the stellar ‘nuts and bolts’ defense of days ago.  There were several missed tackles, but collectively the team looked immensely better.  A fumble recovery (Phillips), INTs (Cooper x2 and Wilhelm), sacks (Phillips 2.5, Tucker .5)….THAT’s what I’m talking about!  Although were the Chargers truly that good or were the Raiders that horrid.

Now all of my faithful readers know that I ADORE Darren Sproles and Vincent Jackson and the two of them were on fire!  The 59-yd TD grab by Jackson in the 2nd quarter was stellar, and Sproles’ 2 TDs looked way too easy.  You know, though, I suppose I ought to give kudos to the offensive line.  I haven’t this year and my overall aggravation with the season has eclipsed my usually keen observations.  My apologies, guys.

Back to Sproles, what a maniac…that kid can RUN as evidenced by his 80+ PR TD; however, an illegal block in the back penalty by Antoine Cason negated it.  (Besides, the “penalty” was bogus, as usual.)  And then he fumbles the next one; which, of course, is forgiven with the INT by Wilhelm to give the Bolts the ball back!

There were way too many penalties (by the Chargers, I mean….with Oakland it is expected), which needs to STOP (especially false starts which should NEVER happen when you play at home.)

The 2nd half did become quite boring as the Bolts focused upon running the ball and running the clock down.  Not that I have anything against Mike Scifres, but he took the field entirely too many times.

The 3rd quarter phone conversation with Marty Schottenheimer was amusing.  Did anyone else detect a little hostility in his voice when he made reference to A.J. Smith?

I do have to say that I enjoy listening to Cris Collinsworth as he brings a unique intelligence and unbiased persona to the booth that is sorely lacking on ESPN’s MNF as of late.

The Chargers travel to the always tough Kansas City next week (after a long week, thankfully), but this week, GO CHIEFS (vs. Denver)!!



This is REALLY getting OLD!

Chargers 16, Falcons 22

Yet again, the Chargers defense came up short (except for Eric Weddle’s fumble recovery TD…congrats!!); however, this time the offiense and special teams were flat and virtually non-existent as well.  For the first time this season, Philip Rivers failed to toss a TD at home.  I can see if the team was riddled with injuries then there would undoubtedly be inconsistencies; however, save for the injury to Mike Tolbert, this is the same team that has been playing all season.  Sad.

Suffice it to say that Michael Turner had a nice return to SD, earning 120 yds although I did expect more from him.  Matt Ryan illustrated why Atlanta was so hot to draft him.

I have no clue what is up with the team.  All I can think of (as well as the thousands of angry fans packed into Qualcomm yesterday) is how the coaching SUCKS.  The fake punt play was great.  Hey, it WORKED.  HELLO Norv, how about a little spontaineity like that a bit more often?  The whole run, run, pass Marty-ball horrid playcalling is getting so monotonous and predictable, my 8-year old daughter can see it coming a mile away.  Maybe a little work on game fundamentals might be nice too, like not dropping the ball, not missing tackles, and not throwing passes that are uncatchable.  Oh and the kicking game was poor as well, particularly the missed/blocked/botched/lousy FG attempt and the shanked punt that virtually sealed the loss.  Mike Scifres is a much, much better kicker than that.

With Denver surprisingly beating the Jets, the Chargers can kiss their season goodbye.  I’m sorry, there is no way that they will win the division at all now, and forget any possible remote snowball’s-chance-in-hell of a wildcard spot.  4-8 from a team that was picked by many to represent the AFC this year in the Super Bowl, HAH!  Completely and utterly pathetic.  All I can say is I’m glad I sold my season tickets early in the season when I actually made a decent profit.  If I tried to sell them now, there’s little chance I’d be able to break even, and forcing me to ask myself if I really want to make the same investment next season.

So now what?  4 games remaining: vs Oakland this Thursday, at Kansas City, at Tampa Bay, and home vs. Denver.  At this point my season would be salvageable if they can beat the Broncos for a split this season.  And judging by the way they looked yesterday, I’m certainly not expecting any effort.  Except from Jacob Hester and Eric Weddle, who both played better than anyone else yesterday.

Oh, an interesting side note…during the game, every other game’s score was on the Jumbo Tron EXCEPT for Denver/NY Jets.  Now speculation in the stands was that stadium management didn’t want to distract the Chargers with a running score for that game; however, if that’s what the Chargers have been reduced to – ie. not wanting to see a score on the scoreboard that the fans were all interested in – then that is truly pathetic.

In honor of Thanksgiving and the Chargers…


(Gotta love Garry Trudeau!!)

I’ll be at the Chargers/Falcons game next weekend.  Have a happy and safe holiday and GO CHARGERS!!!


Chargers 20, Colts, 23

Colts won, Peyton Manning is truly the son of God.  Adam Vinitieri for President 2012.  Yeah, whatever. Chargers blew another one in the final half-minute of a game (insert expletives here.)  Play-calling sucked.  Defense was poor, although that 2nd pass interference call against Quentin Jammer was a travesty. Too many missed tackles. Flat offense except for Vincent Jackson’s TD (thanks for the fantasy points VJ! – see picture below.)  Blah, blah, blah.  I’m annoyed, pissed off, suffering from periodic bouts of acid reflux, and can’t wait to go to San Diego next weekend and watch Michael Turner run for 4 TDs against the Chargers’ D like he did today vs. Carolina (thanks for the fantasy points Mike!!) 

San Diego remains 2 games out of the lead in the AFC West behind Denver, after the Broncos were manhandled by the lowly Raiders!!



*   *   *

That’s gotta hurt!!

Gotta love this pic…


(courtesy of Rob Carr/AP Photos)

*   *   *

By the way, Donkey fans….

This is not a forum for discussion.  It’s a dictatorship.  Don’t like it?  Do I care?  You don’t see me in your little forums talking sh*t about your crappy team.


(TD Oakland!!)


(Quick!!  Look, before he DROPS it!!!)

What a FUN Game!!!

Wow, Denver is getting a royal THRASHING by the pitiful, pathetic Oakland Raiders and I, frankly, couldn’t be happier at this moment.  ROFL!!!

While I know the Chargers have a tough one tonight, at least the Donkeys won’t be pulling away from the pack this week, regardless of San Diego’s output.  And next week, the Donks go to the Meadowlands to play the hot Jets who handed Tennessee its first loss of the season.

If the Chargers can’t dominate and play like they have the past few seasons, I, at least, can revel in the pitiful play of Denver!!

BTW, any comments by moronic Denver fans will be promptly deleted unless they contain some semblance of intelligence, so don’t bother wasting both of our time.

UPDATE:  Hey “moronic bronco fan”…if you think my blog is a joke, hey, buddy, DON’T bother reading it (assuming you actually read it and didn’t have mommy do it for you.)  Now, if you’d like to leave a comment that does not contain profanity (you know, all the BAD words your mommy washed your mouth out for saying), then go right ahead.  You might have a better chance of my letting the world gush over your insightful wit.