Rivers to be a Charger through 2015

Stud QB Philip Rivers, the top-rated passer in the league last season, signed an extension through 2015. No contract specifics were disclosed; however, according to Chargers’ President Dean Spanos (who I got to talk to at the Chargers/Cardinals game last Saturday), Rivers exhibits all the qualities of a high-end NFL QB, proven winner, and leader.  Now all he needs is that Super Bowl ring!

Chargers @ Cardinals, preseason week 2

Chargers 17, Cardinals 6

Fun game, great seats!  Check out the pics…

The first string looked great (except for Philip Rivers’ 4 sacks by an impressive Cardinals’ defense.)  Rivers managed 5-7, 116 yds. Actually, Billy Volek looked awesome (I’m still asserting that he play in Pittsburgh!) LaDainian Tomlinson and Darren Sproles played much of the first quarter again which was nice to see.  Very impressive last night were Legedu Naanee (2-54, 1 TD), Michael Bennett (5-16, 1 TD), and rookie RB Gartrell Johnson who rushed most of the final quarter (11 carries, 32 yards) with some great moves.  He’s definitely a player to keep an eye on.  Malcom Floyd had a couple of great catches as well.

It was nice seeing Shawne Merriman back, albeit in a knee brace, and sporting his blue mohawk.  Kassim Osgood’s “Charger’s gold” hairdo was, um, interesting!  Nevertheless, the defense IS BACK!!  Clinton Hart and Antonio Cromartie each had an INT, Jyles Tucker recorded a sack, and rookie S Kevin Ellison forced a fumble.

Of concern is the Chargers’ O-line which was having some problems; hence the 4 sacks in close proximity to each other.

I was also slightly worried when Ed Hochuli was the referee; however, he did a good job (partially redeeming himself for the week 2 Denver DEBACLE last year!).

Vincent Jackson wasn’t suited up but was awesome, signing my lucky VJ jersey!  Made my upcoming birthday, that’s for sure!!  Sitting at the visitors’ tunnel I was able to “chat up” Norv Turner and Dean Spanos, talk to Clinton Hart (a friend of some friends of mine!), and get David Binn’s autograph as well (he was one of the few who actually stopped for fans), in addition to the obligatory yelling at players as they entered and exited the tunnel.  Many were appreciative, waving and high-fiving which is always nice to see…

There were a lot of Chargers’ fans at the game, but for me it was difficult rooting against the Cardinals (who should have won the Super Bowl last year).  For a different slant, check out my Cardinals blog at http://arizonacardinals.contentquake.com.











My new “prized possession”!!

Preseason week 1 – YAWN

Chargers 14, Seahawks 20

First of all, I have to say I was annoyed with the Seattle announcers whom I had to listen to the entire game…come on, guys, read a team roster and get your players right!!

Secondly, the game was quite a yawner.  LaDainian Tomlinson did play for about half of the first quarter and was ok, but he provided a rare opportunity for fans in attendance to see him play in preseason for the first time in 5 years.  Darren Sproles almost broke a few, but I’m glad they sat him early in the game as well.  I was having flashbacks to two years ago when he broke his leg in preseason returning a kickoff…tonight Buster Davis had that honor sans any injury.

Personally, I thought Billy Volek looked great.  I still assert that he should play when the Chargers go to Pittsburgh since Philip Rivers is seemingly cursed at Three Rivers Stadium.  Charlie Whitehurst did well also, scoring the only passing TD (the other was a Michael Bennett run); however, near the end of the game he did toss a couple of picks.  Antonio Gates, Chris Chambers, Malcom Floyd, Legedu Naanee, rookie Charly Martin, and Kris Wilson, and Vincent Jackson had some nice catches as well (I won’t mention Gates’ drop.)  Oh well, thank goodness it’s preseason!

Shawne Merriman’s mohawk was interesting as well.  At least it’s not blue anymore, LOL.

Anyway, there’s not much more to say.  See ya next week….I’ll be at the game so there will be pictures!!!

Chargers new film to premier Sept. 9th

Warner Home Video and NFL Films will be premiering “San Diego Chargers: The Complete History” on Sept. 9th at 7 pm at Hazard Center. Tickets are $10 apiece.

As I don’t live in San Diego anymore, I hope it is released on DVD soon.  It will go nicely with my collection!!

For more information, click here.

Vick and Stallworth – 2 peas in a pod

Vick is now officially an Eagle, having signed a 2-year contract (more precisely, one-year with a one-year team option).  The first year will earn him $1.6 million and if he stays, $5.2 million the second year.  While this may be a mere pittance for a guy who had a $130 million contract with Atlanta before his dogfighting, at least he was reinstated.  NFL commissioner Roger Goodell did stipulate that while Vick is permitted to play in the preseason, he likely won’t see any playing time during the regular season until October.  This stipulation is to ensure that he can “maximize the prospect that he can successfully resume his life on and off the field.” He is also not permitted to own a dog (DUH), is currently serving 3 years probation, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in July 2008, and, if anyone cares, will be on ’60 Minutes’ on August 16th.

Perhaps he’ll play in San Diego on November 15th when the Chargers host the Eagles. 

*   *   *

Cleveland’s Donte Stallworth has been suspended for the entire season for the DUI-related pedestrian fatality he caused last March in Florida.  Debate ensues over whether his punishment is too harsh or too lenient.  What I would like to know is where is the JAIL TIME??

(Sources: Bloomberg.com, L.A. Times)

LT + preseason = good possibility

For the first time since 2005, LaDainian Tomlinson may play in preseason.  Apparently, while he has always been open to suit up and get some early playing time, the coaches have, instead, opted to protect him from potential preseason injury.  Nonetheless, those lucky fans who are attending the Seahawks/Chargers preseason game on Saturday may get to see him get back into the groove.

It is understandable why the coaching staff has opted to keep LT off the field before September.  Particularly with his recent end-of-season injuries they want to keep him as fresh as possible for regular and potential postseason play.  My suggestion is to utilize Darren Sproles as much as LT (especially since I’ve drafted Sproles in one of my fantasy leagues!)

At any rate, it remains to be seen if LT will participate in any preseason games; however, according to chargers.com, if he does, it will likely be Saturday in front of a home crowd.

Blackouts likely if ticket sales don’t increase…

With the current economic crisis, ticket sales for the Chargers are suffering.  According to Chargers.com, there are still seats available for every home game and if there isn’t a sell-out then the game is likely to be blacked out to local coverage.

Personally, I’m feeling the pinch as well as I still have 5 games of my season ticket package available for sale: Kansas City, Oakland, Miami, Cincinnati, and Washington.  And these are NOT the nosebleed seats one can purchase from Ticketmaster or chargers.com.  So if anyone is interested, please email me at chargers@contentquake.com.

Chargers, English come to a contract agreement (finally)

The Chargers and their first pick Larry English finally came to an agreement over a 5-year deal.  No other details are available at this time.

Now English has been learning the ropes from Shawne Merriman and Shaun Phillips.  Merriman is fully recovered and raring to go which is great news.  While he has been participating in some practices, he is not yet fully engaged in team drills to make sure he is 100% percent by the start of the season.

Fans, don’t forget that Fan Appreciation Day is Saturday, August 8th at the Chargers’ practice field.  Don’t miss your chance to get an early, closeup look at the Bolts.

Chargers sign 4 more rookies…3 to go

With the signing of Canada’s Vaughn Martin, 3rd-round pick Louis Vasquez, and 4th-round picks Tyronne Green and Gartrell Johnson, the Chargers are still waiting to come to terms with #1 pick LB Larry English, S Kevin Ellison, and WR Demetrius Byrd.

Rookie and “select veteran” training camp begins Monday July 27th with regular training camp beginning July 31st.

(Source: chargers.com)

More Chargers Cuts, Signings

Linebacker Matt Wilhelm was the latest to receive the axe from the Chargers organization today.  A 3rd round pick in 2003, he was only earning a base salary of $2 million (only?) which was expected to increase to $2.5 million in 2010 and $3 million in 2011.  Wilhelm is now an unrestricted agent.

Instead, San Diego signed 6’3″, 331lb, Canadian lineman Vaughn Martin to a 4-year deal.  The Western Mustang was taken 113th overall in the NFL entry draft, being the first Canadian underclassman drafted to an NFL team.

Rookie RB Curtis Brinkley, who was shot earlier this year and will not play this season, has been placed on the non-football injury list for the season.  The Chargers are not obligated to pay his salary as was the case when Steve Foley was similarly injured.  Luckily, Brinkley’s injuries are not life-threatening. To replace him for this season, San Diego signed another undrafted rookie Kestahn Moore, who spent some time with the Donkeys, er Broncos, before being released.

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