Rookie RB Shot in Pennsylvania

23-year old Curtis Brinkley signed with San Diego during the offseason after not being taken in the 2009 draft.  A rookie out of Syracuse, he was shot at an intersection in a Philadelphia suburb on July 10th.  Very few leads as to the shooter plague the investigation at this time.

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Chargers’ ticket office announces individual game tickets available

Beginning July 17th at 10 a.m PT, tickets will be available for all ten regular season home games from the Chargers’ ticket office, albeit in limited supply.

According to the Chargers website:

Tickets to all Chargers home games will be available at, the Chargers Ticket Office at Qualcomm Stadium Gate C, by calling TicketMaster at (1-800-745-3000), online at, and at all TicketMaster outlets.  

I have my personal season tickets for sale as well on eBay and StubHub so anyone who is interested, please email me.

An interesting article for fantasy fans regarding the Chargers

According to Dave Del Grande, Fantasy Football Examiner for the Phoenix Examiner, despite the Chargers finishing 6th in offensive production, “there’s so much room for improvement, it’s scary.”

Here is the rest of the article:

Consider this:

LaDainian Tomlinson, the consensus top pick in the fantasy game, failed to live up to expectations, finishing eighth among running backs. He might not be No. 1 anymore, but he’s certainly not No. 8, either.

Antonio Gates, who in recent years had been far and away the top tight end, was outscored by three guys at his position. A toe injury was a huge reason.

And Chris Chambers, who had been expected to flourish as a Charger after showing flashes of brilliance in Miami, couldn’t even crack the Top 40 among wide receivers. Again, blame his health.

Shockingly, despite being surrounded by disappointments, Philip Rivers finished second only to Drew Brees among quarterbacks.

The question is: Can he do it again?

The obvious answer is yes. Chambers definitely will be better in 2009, and both LT and Gates have the potential to move back closer to where they once were.

If any of that happens, Rivers should come along for the ride. He might even enter the season right where he left the last one – as the No. 2 quarterback.

Projected 2009 Overall Fantasy Rating: 2nd.

Most likely Chargers to be better than expected (2008 position ranking in parentheses): WR Chris Chambers (not among Top 40 wide receivers), RB LaDainian Tomlinson (eighth among running backs), QB Philip Rivers (second among quarterbacks) .

Most likely Charger to disappoint (2008 position ranking in parentheses): RB Darren Sproles (not among Top 40 running backs).

*   *   *

I like his spin except for the “most likely Charger to disappoint” portion because I believe that Darren Sproles hasn’t even reached his pinnacle yet and has many more surprises in his future.  And he’s on one of my fantasy teams.


Chargers’ Training Camp Closed to Public

Due to ongoing drainage system repairs near the Chargers’ facilities on Murphy Canyon, training camp will be closed to the public; however, Qualcomm Stadium will hold three open practices for the public on August 5th, 8th, and 12th.  Check the Chargers website ( for more information about these public practices.  Heavy rains earlier this year necessitated the organization to work with the City to fix the problem as there was significant flooding of the practice field.


News and Musings

According to, the Chargers have suspended negotiations for a new stadium due to the “lack of political courage” on the Chula Vista City Council.

*   *   *

For LaDainian Tomlinson’s 30th birthday, he discovered he was voted to ESPN’s All-Decade Team with his 11,760 yards and 126 TDs the most of any player this decade – and by a large margin (I’d like to know who thinks he’s washed up.)  You can read more here.

*   *   *

Finally, I am selling my Chargers season tickets for this season.  I currently have 6 games available (vs. Miami, Denver, Kansas City, Oakland, Cincinnati, and Washington).  Great endzone seats.  Please email me if interested.

Hughes signs 4-year contract

The first of the Chargers’ recent draft picks, former Oregon State CB Brandon Hughes and the Chargers’ 5th-round pick signed a 4-year contract, commenting that he was blessed to be a part of the San Diego organization.  At the present time, the Chargers still have 7 unsigned draft picks, including #1 pick Larry English.  Rookies are scheduled to report to training camp July 26th.


Something smells rotten in the state of Texas

OK, anyone who reads this regularly knows that I LOVE Houston TE Owen Daniels so, when there’s not much Chargers news going on, I check out what’s going on with Daniels (especially since I’m ranking my players for fantasy drafts.)  After signing a one-year tender for $2.792 million he is apparently unhappy with the short-term status of his future with the Texans and was a no-show at mandatory minicamp Monday, making him subject to “ramifications” – likely a hefty fine.

The above figure would make Daniels the 2nd highest paid tight end in the league but, and I completely agree with him, Houston should give the Pro-Bowler a long-term deal.

(Source: Houston Chronicle)

Former Charger Harrison retires

Patriots’ and former Chargers’ safety Rodney Harrison retired Wednesday morning. Touted as the “dirtiest player” in the league on 3 separate occasions, he developed a reputation which he continues to deny.  There’s a great article on him at,167766 which sums up my opinion of him to a T.

He used to be my favorite player as well; however, amidst the late and overly aggressive hitting and repeated HGH allegations, he has dwindled in my mind to someone who needs to leave the league if not for the mere safety of current players.  I don’t want to see him in the commentary booth or on one of NFL network’s myriad analysis shows.  I just want to remember him at the beginning of the year when he could always be counted on to make some stellar play in a Chargers uniform.

Let’s all hope, for the safety of the sport, that he doesn’t “pull a Favre.”

Attention all you “fans”

I love true fans.  Fans who stick through their team during 1-15 (remember the year of Ryan Leaf?) or, even worse, 0-16 (poor Detroit) seasons. And I love talking smack.  Anyone who reads my blog will know that.  However, what gets my goat, to be cliche, are those “fans” who discount any team’s or player’s accomplishments on the simple fact that they have not won a Super Bowl.  In my opinion (upon which this entire blog is based anyway) I would rather back a team that has never won a Super Bowl but has individual and collective character (and an occasional DUI does not equate with, oh, shooting oneself in the leg, assault and battery, dogfighting, etc.).

That said, I am sick of all those Steelers, Patriots, Cowboys, Raiders, and other teams with multiple Super Bowl rings’ fans who cluck like a bunch of in-heat hens about how the Chargers are no good because they have not won a Super Bowl but fail to mention “champions” with asterisks next to their wins for cheating and bad officiating.

San Diego has the most individual talent on ANY current team.  Also note the use of the word “team.”  There are no media reports of players whining to be traded (ahem, Jay Cutler, Terrell Owens, Chad Johnson, Edgerrin James, etc.) because they aren’t getting the money they want or the ball enough or didn’t learn in kindergarten how to get along with everyone.  The Chargers play together.  When Darren Sproles scores, who’s the first player in the endzone to toss him into the air?  LaDainian Tomlinson.  There’s no whining and pouting and the like, and I don’t want to hear about the playoff game 3 years ago in San Diego vs. the Patriots when LT was hurt and “sulking” on the bench.  Nobody knows what was going through his mind but LT and we all know what happens when one assumes too much.  I also don’t want to hear about Philip Rivers’ smack talk with Jay Cutler on the sidelines.  Don’t tell me that was the only time you’ve ever seen bickering/bantering/arguing/etc. between players during a heated rivalry.

If we take at face value that one is only a winner if he has a coveted ring then let’s just do away with the Hall of Fame and build a Super-Walmart instead because the HOF is full of champions with no rings.

We knew he couldn’t hack it in the big leagues, but this??

Former San Diego Chargers QB (and #2 pick behind Peyton Manning in 1998) and former West Texas A&M QB coach Ryan Leaf (who resigned “abruptly” due to “minor drug charges”) was indicted on 7 counts of obtaining a controlled substance by fraud, one count of burglary to a habitation, and one count of delivery of a simulated controlled substance when he broke into the home of an injured football players to steal hydrocodone (Vicodin).  Excuse me?!! Minor drug charges??  Sounds like more felonies than TDs thrown during his “illustrious” career in San Diego.

Poor guy…has a great career at Washington State, then leads the Chargers to a 1-15 season (I had season tickets back then and remember that season well), and now this.

Kinda makes the recent slew of Charger DUIs not look THAT bad, doesn’t it?