Lucky Chucky

Monday Night Football on ESPN will be graced this year with the replacement of Tony Kornheiser with ex-Raider/Buccanneer coach Jon Gruden.  Personally, I am thrilled.  I had always wondered what the heck Kornheiser even did during the program as I often muted him.  It will be so much fun watching Gruden’s personality translate from the sidelines to the broadcast booth (despite the fact that I will be reminded weekly of my one between-the-eyes forehead wrinkle that I refer to as my ‘Jon Gruden wrinkle’.)

Now if ESPN can only get the eternally charismatic Warren Sapp to replace Ron Jaworski and ventriloquist Jeff Dunham to replace Mike Tirico.  I tell ya, MNF would attract a whole new class of fans.






















Say it isn’t so

Lorenzo Neal will be playing for the Oakland Raiders this season, along with RB Gary Russell who was also recently signed. Cardinals’ fans will remember Russell as the RB who scored the first TD in last year’s Super Bowl.  Won’t he be a lucky guy having the BEST FB in the league blocking for him?  Suffice it to say that Chargers’ fans are bummed.  Well, at least I am.

Am I the only one…

…who cannot stand the 1963 powder blue uniforms?  I know Chris Berman loves them and thinks they are the greatest throwback uniform of all time; however, I think they are a bit too feminine for a burly group of hot guys. 

Happy Anniversary NFL!!  To celebrate the league’s 50th anniversary, there will be some designated “legacy” games this season.  Games wherein the Chargers will wear those powder blues (at KC, at Oak, and vs. Denver on MNF.)  Oh joy.

All I hope for is that Brett Favre isn’t among them.  Come on, retire already.  Vikings’s fans do not want you.  Become a QB coach or commentator or husband/daddy but give us all a break already.


In Memoriam – Jack Kemp

Former congressman and the first Chargers QB Jack Kemp passed away Saturday evening.  He was 73.

Kemp’s first start – the first game in Chargers’ history – was a W as he led the Chargers to a 21-20 win vs. the Dallas Texans.  He played for the Chargers from 1960-1962 and had a 22-6 record as a starter.  In 1962, he went to Buffalo where he enjoyed 8 seasons as the Bills’ QB and was the AFL MVP in 1965, the same year the Bills won the AFL title, in addition to wining the AFL Championship the prior year.

More on Kemp’s illustrious biography and political career can be found here.

My condolences to his friends and family.

Sproles signs tender

Phenom RB Darren Sproles signed the Chargers’ tender today meaning that he will earn a whopping $6.621 million this season (based upon the average salaries of the top 5 RBs in the league) and if another team makes him an offer, they have to relinquish 2 1st-round draft picks next year to the Chargers.

Additionally, the team and coaching staff are pleased with their #1 pick, Larry English, calling him, “the nicest guy you could hope to have on your football team” despite his intense playing methods.  Sounds good to me!!


More trouble for a Charger

LB Shaun Phillips was cited for misdemeanor battery Sunday morning for allegedly punching a security guard in the face at a hotel.  This is his 2nd “run in” with the law in 3 seasons, according to Yahoo sports, with the first being an arrest for “scuffling with a police officer.”

Of course, nobody is speaking to the press officially, but, frankly, I am getting of sick of these football players who can’t behave like normal people.   They are in the spotlight for a reason and if they can’t handle it, then get out.  I think it’s ridiculous to pay these very young, just out of college kids so much money and expect them to act like responsible adults.  If the NFL and owners want to really make a difference, change the rules so that first-year players are subjected to minimum salaries with bonus incentives.  Then, after they’ve proven themselves they would be eligible for these ridiculous salary negotiations.  Instill a little discipline and character in them first.  Then we wouldn’t end up with JaMarcus Russells or Ryan Leafs or Matt Leinarts, etc. etc. etc.

I’m not saying that every rookie is like this.  Obviously, depending upon the college and the individual, there have been some very good first year players (ie. Antoine Cason, Darren Sproles, Eric Weddle, Jacob Hester, etc.); however, they are not in the majority.


Chargers’ Draft Summary

Round 1, Pick 16, Larry English, DE, Northern Illinois

Round 3, Pick 78 overall, Louis Vasquez, OG, Texas Tech

Round 4, Pick 113 overall, Vaughn Martin, DT, Western Ontario (Canada)

Round 4, Pick 133 overall (compensatory), Tyronne Green, OG, Auburn

Round 4, Pick 134 overall (compensatory), Gartrell Johnson, RB, Colorado State

Round 5, Pick 148 overall, Brandon Hughes, CB, Oregon State

Round 6, Pick 189 overall, Kevin Ellison, S, Southern Cal

Round 7, Pick 224 overall, Demetrius Byrd, WR, LSU

I personally find the RB, S, and CB picks interesting, but with the massive injuries and problems it really is no surprise.  Besides, once the selections reach the fourth round and beyond, it basically becomes a crap shoot.

For full analysis and more information, visit

Draft Day 1

With the 16th pick overall, the Chargers selected DE Larry English from Northern Illinois (presumably to make up for dumping Igor Olshanksy.)  English was, in my opinion, a GREAT pick and has tremendous potential.  Read more here.

The Chargers will hold a live Q&A with English on Sunday, 25 April.  For more information, check out

John Madden Retires

Apparently he is healthy, but just thinks it’s time to say farewell to the broadcast booth.  He didn’t look too well when I ran after his golf cart following the Chargers/Colts playoff game earlier this year to try to get an autograph (I failed, by the way); but then again, he isn’t a spring chicken. (I can relate but to a much lesser degree, of course.)

There’s a cute (cute isn’t the right word, but I am verbally exhausted at the present time) article about the situation that can be read here.

*   *   *   *   *

By the way, I recently discovered that all last season “MoronicDenverFan” (who commented endlessly on my witty and eloquent blogs) was, in fact, my brother Mike pretending to be normal.  Thanks bro.  But I still despise your Donkeys and they have no chance of winning the division this year either.

It’s Here!!

San Diego Chargers 2009 Schedule (home games in bold face)

*All times Eastern time

Mon. 9/14 @ Raiders (10:15 pm)

Sun. 9/20 vs. Ravens (4:15 pm)

Sun. 9/27 vs. Dolphins (4:15 pm)

Sun 10/4 @ Steelers (8:20 pm – Sunday Night Football)

Sun. 10/11  BYE

Mon. 10/19 vs. Broncos (8:30 pm – Monday Night Football)

Sun. 10/25 @ Chiefs (1:00 pm)

Sun. 11/1 vs. Raiders (4:05 pm)

Sun 11/8 @ Giants (4:15 pm)

Sun 11/15 vs. Eagles (4:15 pm)

Sun 11/22 @ Broncos (4:15 pm)

Sun. 11/29 vs. Chiefs (4:05 pm)

Sun. 12/6 @ Browns (4:05 pm)

Sun. 12/13 @ Cowboys (4:15 pm)

Sun. 12/20 vs. Bengals (4:05 pm)

Fri. 12/25 @ Titans ( 7:30 pm – NFL Network)

Sun. 1/3/2010 vs. Redskins (4:15 pm)

I will be putting my season tickets for individual games on both StubHub and eBay, so if any of you are interested in any Chargers’ home games, please email me at