Eric Parker to take advantage of NFL’s intern coaching program

Created by Bill Walsh in 1987, the NFL Minority Coaching Fellowship intern coaching program was designed for future minority coaches.  Among the programs’ graduates are Mike Tomlin, Marvin Lewis, and Herm Edwards.

Parker will be assisting Chargers’ WR coach Charlie Joiner as well as the strength and training coach Jeff Hurd after his foot injury of 2 years ago prematurely ended his career.  Parker says he enjoyed coaching at La Mesa’s Helix High School and looks forward to starting the second part of his career with the Chargers.

Chargers’ preseason schedule announced

Preseason will begin in San Diego as the Bolts host the Seahawks to kick off the season.  They will then travel to Arizona (I’ll be there!) and then to Atlanta before finishing the preseason at home against the 49ers.

Anyone interested in tickets please contact me.  I will be selling my season tickets for the entire season and also have some other ticket connections.

The Cutler saga is finally over…for now

Introducing the starting QB for the Chicago Bears….Jay Cutler.  This is for to laugh.  If he couldn’t last in Denver amidst all the hoots and hollers, what makes anyone think that he will be able to withstand the elevated boos and jeers of a tough Chicago crowd?

In return, Denver got QB Kyle Orton, the #18 overall first-round pick in the upcoming draft, a third-rounder (#84) in the upcoming draft, a fifth-round pick (#140) in the upcoming draft, and, if this wasn’t enough, a first-round pick in next year’s draft.  All this for a 2nd year QB who really hasn’t done much at all.  Face it Donkey fans, Cutler’s election to last season’s Pro Bowl was a joke and a half.

Obviously, Chicago’s ineptness at the entire draft process made this deal that much easier.  Perhaps Jerry Angelo should take a lesson from A.J. Smith.

Gee, between Orton and spleen-boy Chris Simms, I wonder who Denver’s starter will be.  I’m guessing whomever the Donkeys draft at QB in April.

The “Hochuli Rule” and other news

NFL owners unanimously voted to alter the draft order based upon overall team record, as well as to pass the so-called “Hochuli Rule” that allows for replay review when a fumble is incorrectly ruled as an incomplete pass, like what happened to the Chargers in week 2 last season in Denver (and, no, I’m not going to ‘let it go.’)

Other rule changes which were approved include that downed defenders cannot lunge at a player to make a tackle (as this is how Tom Brady was hurt last season); however, they can wrap or swipe their arms to attempt to make a play.  Also, a strike zone has been established where a QB can be hit while in the pocket (which extends from just below the waist to the shoulders.)  No blind side hits which are led with a helmet, forearm, or shoulder are allowed anymore.  Finally, teams are no longer permitted to use “bunch formations” during onside kicks, nor are they allowed to create a blocking wedge of more than two players.  All of these rule adjustments are designed to promote player safety.

*   *   *

Norv Turner believes that both LaDainian Tomlinson and Darren Sproles will be able to complement each other next season.  Um, isn’t that what they have been doing (except when LT is hurt?!)  Let’s hope so anyway – oh, and NO injuries!

*   *   *

Mike Goff, whom the Chargers decided not to re-sign, has signed with division rival Kansas City.

Draft picks and early schedule news…

The Chargers were one of 16 teams awarded 2 compensatory draft picks.  San Diego now has 3 fourth-round picks in the upcoming draft.  Pursuant to league rules, teams who have lost “more or better compensatory free agents than it acquires in the previous year” is eligible for these compensatory picks.  Since the Chargers lost Michael Turner to Atlanta and Drayton Florence to Jacksonville, and were not able to “replace” them, so to speak, they were given the extra selections.  With the 2 additional picks, the Chargers have 8 total (16th, 78th, 113th, 133th, 134th overall, plus a selection in each of the 6th, 7th, and 8th rounds.)

*   *   *

San Diego will open the 2009 season on a Monday night vs. Oakland.  The rest of the schedule will be announced sometime in April.

More Cutler drama, free agency update, and Donte Stallworth is a moron

Apparently Eric Mangini, the former fired Jets coach, is (out of the goodness of his heart?) trying to help the Jets trade for disgruntled Donkey QB Jay Cutler who continues to emulate Terrell Owens with endless lamentations of his unhappiness level.  As of now, the Jets have draft picks and salary cap money, but not a tradeable QB to complete the deal, whereas Mangini has 2 starting QBs (Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn) that may factor into a menage-a-trois deal.  Other teams where Cutler may end up are Detroit, Chicago, Washington, Cleveland, and Tampa Bay (good thing Jon Gruden is out of the picture because he would not put up with Cutler’s crap!)  Rumor has it that he has put his Denver house up for sale, but some allege that he’s had it on the market for the better part of the year (Good timing, there, CutleT.)  Trade him to Detroit…now THAT’LL teach him!!  Funny how Donkey fans called Philip Rivers a punk for the past two years when it is crystal clear who the REAL punk is.

As for my other truly despised team, the Patsies, they just signed 37-year old WR Joey Galloway to a one-year deal, likely to replace Jabar Gafney.  I believe it is official now…New England has replaced Oakland as the place where old players go to die.

Finally, speaking of the Browns, WR Donte Stallworth was driving drunk when he struck and killed a pedestrian.  Reports say that his blood-alcohol level exceeded the legal limit and police and his attorney are discussing whether he will be charged. Holy crap!  The man KILLED another person because he was NEGLIGENT and is not above the law merely because he plays professional sports!  Of course, charge him!  Maybe if these players (in all sports) are held responsible and accountable for their actions, then they might STOP driving drunk.

Jay Cutler and Ed Hochuli provide impetus for proposed rule changes

When NFL executives and coaches meet for their annual spring meeting, among the topics of conversation will be a proposed rule change stemming from the moronic call by Ed Hochuli during the Donkeys/Chargers game during last seasons’ week 2 when Jay Cutler obviously fumbled.  More specifically, In previous seasons, once an official ruled an incomplete pass, it couldn’t be reviewed to determine if the quarterback may have fumbled the ball.”

Another proposed rule change involves draft order.  Since I really cannot be my usual sarcastic and Donkey-fan-annoying self about this, if you care, you can read more about it (and other proposals) here; but suffice it to say that it involves team record and playoff results, particularly since the Chargers finished 8-8 and progressed in the playoffs.  As a result, the proposed rule change awards draft pick order on standing and not on record.



courtesty of K.C. Alfred/Union-Tribune

courtesty of K.C. Alfred/Union-Tribune

It’s a happy day for Chargers fans as LaDainian Tomlinson agreed to a 3-year restructured contract to stay in San Diego.  While the terms of the contract have not been disclosed, suffice it so say that it’s enough to give the Chargers salary cap room. 

For more details, click here.

What’s new in free agency and the LT saga continues…

Igor Olshansky has accepted a 4-year, $18 million contract with the Dallas Cowboys.

Apparently LaDainian Tomlinson has received the Chargers‘ “final offer” which, likely, involves a pay cut from the expected $24 million he is expected to make by 2011 under his original contract.  It’s up to LT now to decide how badly he wants to remain in San Diego.  According to his mother, it’s not promising that he will remain a Charger.  Frankly, I’m sick of all the back and forth and speculation and such.  It’s not that difficult.  The guy’s a millionaire already and has broken virtually every RB record.  Make a decision already and get on with it so the Chargers can plan their draft strategy.

Other notable free agency news:  TJ Houshmenzadeh signed with Seattle. Laveraneus Coles and Cincinnati have agreed to terms.  K Mike Nugent signed a one-year deal with the Buccaneers, CB Dominique Foxworth is off to Baltimore and, apparently, the Ravens agreed to terms to keep Ray Lewis.  The Colts re-signed Jeff Saturday.  New Orleans re-signed Devery Henderson and Jonathan Vilma.  Ex-Chief QB Damon Huard signed with San Francisco.  Washington re-signed DeAngelo Hall.

That’s it for now.  Stay tuned for breaking news and futher commentary.


I’d like to know what idiot leaked the “news” that the Chargers put Antonio Cromartie on the block to go after Drayton Florence.  Come on, Florence was released for a reason, and why would one even think that Cro might be on the outs after one subpar season?  The guy was hurt all year (rumors are a fractured hip, but no confirmation exists for that allegation) and it seems too many are quick to discount the phenomenal year he had in 2007.

At any rate, Florence, released by Jacksonville, has found a new home in Buffalo and Cro is safe (thank goodness.)

Come on people, you have to remember that the Chargers’ defense SUCKED for the first half of last season due to the ineptness of Ted Cottrell and, in part, to Shawne Merriman’s absence, but did rebound once Ron Rivera took over.  With Merriman slated to return on schedule, I am excited to see what the Chargers defense can do, even without Igor Olshansky and Marques Harris.  I am particularly eager to see how they will use Antoine Cason.  The guy won the Thorpe Award for a reason.

On the LaDainian Tomlinson front, more rumors have been circulating that the New Orleans Saints are “looking closely” at him.  Heck, what team ISN’T looking (and hoping and wishing and praying) that they could sign LT, but I don’t see it happening.  All that is required is a little creative contract restructuring to free up some salary cap funds.  And if LT truly wants to stay in San Diego, it wouldn’t be that difficult.  I understand that the whole Brandon Jacobs big contract is on everyone’s mind; however, Jacobs isn’t 30 and hasn’t broken virtually every RB record so maybe his legs are, in fact, a little fresher.  LT should take a page out of Larry Fitzgerald’s book (offering to restructure his contract so that Anquan Boldin would stay in AZ) and get it done, end the speculation, and make Chargers’ fans happy.

By the way, I have a gently worn Igor Olshanksy replica jersey (new style) for sale.  If interested, email me or look on eBay.