Peyton who??

Chargers 23, Colts 17 (OT)

How bout them Chargers!?!!!  What a fabulous game culminating with an amazing ending!!  The Chargers, once again, defeated the Colts in the playoffs, advancing to the divisional playoffs at Pittsburgh next Sunday afternoon.

I was there….the electricity was phenomenal and the crowd was the loudest I have heard in my 15 years of attending Chargers games!! 

While an injured LaDanian Tomlinson and a subpar Philip Rivers and Vincent Jackson won’t make the highlight reel, Darren Sproles, Mike Scifres, and the defense surely will.  Scifres, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune recorded the best game by a punter in the history of the league, with his last punt pinning Peyton Manning and the Colts at the 1-yard line with about a minute left in the game after Nate Kaeding tied the game on a short FG.  The defense stepped up, also having their best game this season (culminating with a key sack by Tim Dobbins), preventing another Manning comeback and forcing overtime….an overtime which would see Sproles rush for his 2nd TD of the game and cementing himself as 3rd all time in yards from scrimmage in a playoff game and, as far as Chargers fans are concerned, the league MVP.

Wow, I just got home from San Diego and am still stoked (and hoarse.)

courtesy of Harry How, Getty Images

courtesy of Harry How, Getty Images

courtesy of Denis Poroy, AP

courtesy of Denis Poroy, AP

courtesy of Robert Meggers, Getty Images

courtesy of Robert Meggers, Getty Images

courtesy of Stephen Dunn, Getty Images

courtesy of Stephen Dunn, Getty Images

Where oh where will Shanahan go? WHO CARES?!!?

Breaking news…..despite all the awe surrounding the firing of Mike Shanahan (which, frankly, surprises me because why are you all so shocked he was canned after blowing a 3-game lead as well as not making the playoffs for, oh, 4 of the past 5 years?!?)  I’m not surprised at all.  So he’s the 2nd longest-tenured coach in the league behind Jeff Fisher. Why should the NFL be any different than the “real world” where people are let go everyday, with or without reason?  Lest we forget Marty was canned after a superb 14-2 season. 

Anyway, I’m thinking he could go back to Oakland – don’t he and Al Davis have a good relationship? 

Kudos to Pat Bowlen for looking out for the best interests of his team.  Now everyone who reads this blog and knows me know how much I despise the Donkeys, but why stick with a coach who used to be good?  Denver won the Super Bowl a decade ago.  What has Shanahan done recently?  He hasn’t done his job, has he?  24-24 over the past three seasons reeks of mediocrity.  I’m surprised that Denver fans didn’t call for his head sooner.

The next pressing question I will pose is how long before Jerry Jones fires Wade Phillips??

AFC West Champions — SAN DIEGO CHARGERS!! (HOLY SH!T!!))

Chargers 52, Donkeys 21 (THAT’S FIFTY-TWO POINTS!!)

So, just ignore my blogs for the past month when I wrote off my beloved Chargers.  What a game!  Way to choke, Denver!  1st place ALL season and a 3-game skid to blow it.  Merry Christmas!!!

This makes the Chargers the ONLY 4-8 team to ever make the playoffs, as well as giving Denver the distinction of being the only team to have a 3-game lead in the division and not to make the playoffs.  Wow.

Bring on the Colts……I’LL BE AT THE GAME!!!

Now a recap:

LT – 3 TDs, 96 yds

Darren Sproles – 2 TDs, 115 yds rushing, 17 yds receiving and the HORSE TRAILER – WTG BABY!!!!

Philip Rivers – 15/20, 207 yds, 2 TDs

TDs by Brandon Manumaleuna and Jacob Hester and some clutch catches/plays by Legedu Naanee, Vincent Jackson, and Chris Chambers

The defense has been HOT since Rivera took over the reins from what-was-his-name?

3 turnovers for Denver, ZERO for San Diego

And a nice footnote:  NO Patriots or Cowboys in the playoffs!!!

P.S.  Ed Hochuli is officially off the hook, but he had better NOT be in San Diego next week!!!


(Watch out Indy!  You ain’t stopping the tank!!)

Soooo Close….

Congratulations to Drew Brees for being the only the 2nd QB to pass for 5,000+ yds!!  Unfortunately, he was a mere 15 yards short of breaking Dan Marino’s record of 5,084 yards.  Personally, I think that the Panthers should have let him complete a pass to break the record, but Brees’ last pass of the season was, um, shall we say, sucky. 

At any rate, congratulations are in order for the former Charger.



For all of you Philip Rivers haters, did you know that Rivers is the ONLY QB in the entire league with a rating over 100?  104.0, in fact, followed by Chad Pennington at 96.4 and Drew Brees and Kurt Warner at 95.5.  FYI, Jay Cutler is tied for 12th with 87.0.  And as for TDs, Rivers leads the league again with 32, followed by Drew Brees with 30, and Peyton Manning, Kurt Warner and Tony Romo with 26. 

Yes, Donkey fans, Cutler does have more yards (4,210),  and sits in 3rd place behind Brees (4,683)and Warner (4,320)… Rivers is in 5th at 3,802.  Cutler is also is tied for 2nd most INTs behind Brett Favre (19) with Drew Brees, both at 16.  Rivers has thrown only 11 INTs.

Despite being snubbed for the Pro Bowl, Rivers has been taking it all in stride; focusing, instead, on securing the Chargers’ 3rd consecutive AFC West title (and 4th in 5 years.)




Do or Die!! Week 17 Pre-Game Report

The finale of Sunday Night Football will air the (8-7) Broncos at the (7-8) Chargers with the winner crowned AFC West Champion.  The Chargers have won the division the past 3 of 4 years, including the last 2.  And nobody on the planet is more relieved than Ed Hochuli, whose horrible officiating week 2 GAVE the Broncos the non-win win.

Luckily for the Chargers, they are peaking at the right time, having won their last 3 games, while Denver is on a downward spiral (much like they are toward the end of every season as of late.)  Since Ron Rivera was elevated to defensive coordinator over the inept Ted Cottrell, even the defense seems to be back on track, with Stephen Cooper recording an INT in the Bolts’ past 3 games.

According to,

Keep your eye on …
The Broncos’ psyche: It seemed a foregone conclusion that the Broncos would win the AFC West when they improved to 8-5 in Week 14. The Chargers were 5-8 at the time and needed to win out and hope Denver lost out. Amazingly, that scenario has unfolded to this point and unless Denver snaps out of its funk Sunday it could find itself the victim of an epic collapse.

An epic collapse… wouldn’t that just be GRAND?!?!

At any rate, Philip Rivers, snubbed in the Pro Bowl despite leading the league in passer rating and TD passes, has been hot, hot, hot and I don’t look for him to slow down anytime soon.


WOO HOO Buffalo!!!!

WTG Buffalo, holy cow!!!  There’s NO way Denver will beat the Chargers at home with no running game.

BTW, no team has ever lost a 3-game lead in the division to lose the division.  I hope Denver will be the first!!

I got my xmas present!!!

One Step Closer (GO BILLS) Week 16 Post Game Report

Chargers 41, Buccaneers 24

Awesome game, with a Philip Rivers “I don’t need no stinking Pro Bowl, I know I’m good” statement.  Well done! A career high 4 TDs for Rivers…kudos!  I knew if I sat him in my fantasy “super bowl” he would have a great game.  Such is the sacrifice I made for the benefit of the Bolts (they can thank me later.)

I did amass great numbers from Antonio Gates and Vincent Jackson (thanks guys) and how INSANE was Gates’ one-handed catch? 

Hey Bolt fans….did you see the Sproles flea flicker in the 2nd quarter?!  I had to pinch myself.  OMG a trick play by Norv.

The defense was awesome today!  I am so proud of them, especially Quentin Jammer for not getting flagged once and for making Jeff Garcia even uglier than he already is.  Man, he looked like a walk on in a horror flick, didn’t he?  Blood gushing into his mouth.  Yummy.  I’m lucky that the bleeding ulcer I got this season because of too many close Chargers games wasn’t aggravated by the sight of his blood-encrusted face mask.  Ewwwwww.  Anyway, 2 sacks, 2 INTs and a FF….why wasn’t Ron Rivera promoted earlier?  Big props to the entire defense!

Vincent Jackson reached his 1,000 yd milestone, as did LaDainian Tomlinson, who became only the 3rd player in NFL history to get 1,000 yds in each of his first 8 seasons.  Well done gentlemen.

And kudos to Nate Kaeding’s 1st-half ending amazing 57-yd FG. 

All that’s left to say right now is GO BUFFALO!!


Showing some love to Brandon Manumaleuna for the Chargers’ first TD today!!

VJ on the verge of making history, injury report, and other tidbits

Studly WR Vincent Jackson is on the verge of accomplishing something that no Chargers receiver has done since Curtis Conway in 2001 – a 1,000-yd receiving season.  Currently, Jackson has 940 yds, and only on 50 receptions.  He has managed an impressive 7 catches of 40+ yards this season, tied with Green Bay’s Greg Jennings and Detroit’s Calvin Johnson – great company indeed.

Typically, the Chargers have relied upon LaDainian Tomlinson and Antonio Gates for the majority of their scores. It is nice to see the offense making itself a bit more well-rounded, although the lack of “trick” plays have been painfully obvious; particularly after watching Kansas City’s RB Larry Johnson toss a TD pass to TE Tony Gonzalez last week.  Hey Norv, I do believe that LT has thrown a few of those in his career.

Anyway, of San Diego’s other WRs, Malcom Floyd will be out this week, recovering from a collapsed lung he suffered vs. the Chiefs last week.  Get better SOON!!  Chris Chambers will likely see more action, as will Legedu Naanee since Buster Davis is out for the season.  Keep an eye on Jacob Hester, Darren Sproles and Brandon Manumaleuna as more than capable targets for Philip Rivers as well.

Also on the injury report are Jamal Williams, Stephen Cooper (knee), Quentin Jammer (illness), and Anthony Waters (hamstring) who all missed Wednesday’s practice.  Nick Hardwick seems to have suffered no ill effects from his concussion Sunday; and Mike Tolbert and Clinton Hart were back on the practice field after missing last Sunday’s game.

Gates has needed one more TD to reach 50 for 5 weeks now, and if he gets one this season, he’ll become the fastest player in NFL history to reach that milestone, as it took Jerry Rice 100 games.  Sunday will be Gates’ 92nd game.  Also, with 28 more receiving yards, Gates will be the 2nd fastest TE to reach 5,000 yards behind Charger-great Kellen Winslow, who reached that milestone in an impressive 69 games.

jackson-new.jpg (TD VJ)



Week 16 Pre Game Report, Chargers @ Buccaneers

In the 8 times these teams have met, the Chargers have won 7.  But that really means nothing.  Just thought you’d like to know.

This season, San Diego has had 9 of 14 games decided in the past 2 minutes, (with 6 of them on the last play) coming out on the short end more times than I wish to reiterate at the present time.  Despite Philip Rivers being the league’s top rated passer and tossing the most TDs, as well as career high stats for both Vincent Jackson and Malcom Floyd this season, the Chargers have chronically underperformed, much to my (and other Bolt fans’) chagrin.

On Sunday they travel to (UGH) the dreaded east coast, where, for some reason, west coast teams cannot win this year.  However, San Diego has done well over the past few seasons in the month of December, and will be looking for their 13th consecutive win in December.  Also, Rivers has the opportunity to pass Dan Fouts’ single season TD record (30) with just 3 more. 

Tampa Bay, at 9-5, is tough, especially on defense, boasting a CB (Aqib Talib) who leads the league in INTs by a rookie and a prolific pass rusher in Greg White.  Additionally, Antonio Bryant has caught a TD pass in his past 3 games.

At any rate, all I can do is frantically hope for a Chargers victory and a Denver loss to Buffalo.