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Now THAT’S what I’m talking about…

…although I do have a huge gripe.

Chargers 37, Chiefs 7

Let’s start with the gripe, shall we?  1st and goal inside the 5-yard line and LT is given the ball 4 times with no success – in two consecutive games.  I understand the whole “moral victory” thing for La Dainian Tomlinson but there’s a point where you play to win the game.  Got that Norv?!?  You have one of the best QBs and WRs (Vincent Jackson) in the league…let them do their thing! 

At any rate, however, it was nice to see the old LT breaking tackles for his first long rush of the season.  Hopefully he can keep that up, but the goal line thing has GOT to go.

Nonetheless, the Chargers dominated the lowly Chiefs.  And judging by the Jets’ domination of the Raiders I’m hoping for another W next week.  Oh, and Go Ravens (vs. Denver)!!

The defense looked much improved and WTG Steve Gregory and Tim Dobbins (who I managed to snag off the waiver wire in a fantasy league!)  And let’s not forget Jacob Hester’s blocked punt which HE recovered in the end zone for a TD!!  Outstanding!!

And how about Darren Sproles almost breaking a long TD run with one shoe?  On soggy grass too.

Kudos also to Nate Kaeding for racking up the fantasy points, including giving me an extra .25 for his tackle.

Next week the Chargers host the Raiders who do not look as good as they did week one when these two met.  Let’s hope the momentum carries the Bolts to another victory.

Big, unexpected defensive changes

Last Wednesday, the Chargers released veteran SS Clinton Hart and signed DT Ian Scott. The Bolts have been hit hard on defense with injuries, with Jamal Williams’ season-ending tricep tear the most damaging. It is likely that rookie Kevin Ellison–who was alternating time with Hart and rumored to be a threat to his starting position–will get the starting job, with Steve Gregory assuming the position in obvious passing situations when the Chargers employ the nickel package.

Uh oh, I’m having a flashback…

…to Week 1 last season when Carolina did the same exact thing…except that time it counted.  Not to say that the Chargers didn’t, overall, look pretty darn good.  The starting offense was spectacular.  Philip Rivers looked just as great as he did last season when he led the league in passer rating.  Vincent Jackson had a pair of extraordinary catches (which makes me very happy that I drafted him in one of my fantasy leagues) and Darren Sproles’ (another draft pick o’mine) TD was reminiscent of the Colts/Chargers playoff game last year.  Michael Bennett looked fabulous as well with his 48-yd screen pass TD.  And rookie Gartrell Johnson (wearing Michael Turner’s old number 33) had another fine second-half performance.  I really like this kid.  I was also glad to see them utilize Jacob Hester in both tailback and fullback duties as he is another exceptional talent on the team.  This also enables Mike Tolbert to get in some playing time.  Malcom Floyd deserves mention as well for his knee-down-yet-the-ball-broke-the-plane TD,

Defensively, there were several issues.  Quentin Jammer nearly intercepted two passes and Steve Gregory had a sure pick but dropped it.  I was also not pleased with the virtual lack of defense until Atlanta was in the red zone (except, of course, for the end of the game, but those weren’t the starters…and, as usual, I digress.)  As would be expected, Ron Rivera did NOT look pleased; however, he didn’t resort to Mike Ditka, Bill Cowher, or Jon Gruden-like behavior.

LaDainian Tomlinson and Antonio Gates did not play.  Gates has a foot injury which I hope is not serious, but better safe than sorry particularly with the needless injuries to several starters around the league (am I right Tom Brady?!?)

The Chargers finish the preseason at home against San Francisco on Sept. 4th (why do they ALWAYS play SF in the preseason??  Is this some sick and unending 1994-season Super Bowl joke?)